An Invitation to Moms in this Pandemic

EDITED TO ADD: I am humbled that this filled up so quickly. I currently don’t have any more spaces available in my schedule but if the moms group experience enticed you, please do check back. I hope to have more on that soon.

This is an invitation to you because you’re a mom and you might feel like you’ve hit rock bottom.

You have been trying to make it work as best you could but you’re exhausted. You feel forgotten and misunderstood. The world wants to move on and you are wondering when your children will finally get that vaccination that they so need as this variant spikes and spreads.

This is a invitation from a mom to another mom because I know that we don’t give ourselves the space that we need to care for ourselves. Our kids come first. Then, there is everyone else in our love and care until eventually we do something gentle and kind for ourselves. When was the last time you took care of yourself?

I am not sure I could answer that either and that’s why I want to offer you this invitation to notice to the holy threads God is sewing through your life. I’d like to offer you that space.

You might not have paid any attention at all to whatever might be called holy. You’ve had so many other things on your mind. You have been juggling so many things that you haven’t allowed yourself to go there either because you’re so mad at God after all that has happened or you are just not sure what you believe anymore. You might even have another reason but you have no idea how to begin to talk about these things — or who you would even turn to to share these thoughts.

Maybe at this point in the pandemic — as a new mom or a mom with kids in and out of quarantine from so many school exposures — you just want to feel like something could be holy. You want to follow that thread and discover where it will lead. You want to believe that there are holy threads that are knotted up in this pandemic mess that life is right now. Or maybe you don’t know where to begin to talk about the ways that God is working in your life so that you don’t know what you might bring but you feel a tug to check in with your spirit and it sounds kinda great to have someone help you untangle all of those holy threads.

If any of these possibilities might describe you, even if you have no idea what spiritual direction is, I would be honored to explore spiritual direction with you.

I’m a mom that knows the chaos of toddlers and pain of stepping on LEGOS a zillion times a day. I’ve also been a local church pastor and have helped groups and individuals listen for those holy threads that God is stitching through time. You can read more about me here as you discern if I’m the right companion to help untangle all of the jumbled thoughts in your head.

And if you read all of this and thought that this sounded great but you’re not quite ready to make the leap yet, please check back as I hope to offer some group direction in the later part of this year.

As you ponder the possibility of spiritual direction right now, I hope you’ll contact me to begin this new practice of self care. If this is something you’ve considered before and haven’t had the funds, I especially invite you this invitation. I am offering two spaces for two different moms for spiritual direction at no cost. I’m doing this both because I’m a student and learning this new practice — and well, there has to be something good right now. I would look forward to hearing from you.

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